As we head into treacherous driving season, it's encouraging to know that a new study has found Michigan drivers to be pretty darn good.

Insurance comparison website, Quote Wizard, rated Michigan drivers the fourth best in the nation.

Which state do you think has the worst drivers?

According to Quote Wizard, Utah has the worst drivers in the country-- followed by California, Virginia, and Maine.

In the top 5 with with Michigan are Nevada at No. 5, Mississippi No. 3, Florida No. 2, and Rhode Island 1.

To determine the rankings, Quote Wizard compared states on a sum of weighted means calculated from total accidents, speeding tickets, DUI, citations and fatalities.

Quote Wizard even addressed state rivalries... like Michigan vs. Ohio:

This has to be one of the most storied state rivalries of all time. It began with the old Toledo War of 1835, and plays out to this day between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes on the gridiron. So who are the worse drivers?

According to our data, Michigan crushes Ohio when it comes to driving ability. Michigan drivers are some of the best in the nation, coming in fourth overall. It’s pretty amazing for a state with such violent weather, but Michigan’s fatality ratings are quite low and its driving behavior commendable. Ohio, however, is the 17th worst on our list. It might be because Ohio drivers get a lot more speeding tickets—they’re number seven for worst speeding offenders nationwide—but its fatalities are also higher. Hopefully the Buckeyes will be able to compensate this season for some sub-par Ohio driving."

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