An elementary school teacher in Van Buren Township has been suspended after it was discovered that she and her husband were running a porn website, “Hot for Teachers.”

MLive reports that Linda Janack is currently on paid suspension while the district investigates the matter. She has been working as a reading teacher for struggling students at Edgemont Elementary School in Belleville, where she has a “sterling reputation” says Click On Detroit. The school got involved once it got complaints from parents. Your guess is probably the same as mine as to how those parents even found out in the first place. 

However, Janack’s husband spoke to WDIV and confirmed that he and his wife do in fact run the x-rated website that includes videos featuring sex acts and live modeling. He also said he hopes this exposure brings more people to their site.

The fate of her employment will be determined at the school board’s next meeting scheduled for September 10th. At least she still has her side hustle in the meantime.