In the battle against obesity Michigan is losing, not losing weight, just losing.   In a report issued today, Michigan is ranked the 10th most obese state in the country with an obesity rate is 30.5%.

The report is from Trust For America’s Health it’s called “F as in Fat:  How Obesity Threatens
America’s Future 2011”.  It says obesity rates increased in 16 states last year, including Michigan.  But it seems everyone has been gaining weight over the past 10 years.  Today, 43 states have a higher obesity rate than the state that was ranked the worst in 2000.

I think many of us could say we were thinner 10 years ago, but it all seems to be adding up quickly.
You can read all of the ugly details here, just don’t do it while sitting down.  Dust off the treadmill and burn a
few calories while you're reading.