With the MTV show Catfish exposing frauds across the country for years, and popularizing the term, you would think people would have caught on by now. Then again, the show still is on for a reason and this study further proves it.

The website, SocialCatfish.com, analyzed data from the FBI and found the states with the "highest rate of catfish victims;" and the Great Lakes state found itself in the top 10 at #8! In 2018, 461 people in Michigan fell victim to a catfish scam.

Someone is known as a "catfish" when they disguise themselves as a fake person online and begin a relationship with someone. The reasons as to why they do it vary from insecurity to romance scams (i.e. soliciting money).

Top 10 Highest Rates:

  1. California - 2,105 victims
  2. Texas - 1,238
  3. Florida - 1,191
  4. New York - 782
  5. Pennsylvania - 577
  6. Washington - 493
  7. Virginia - 480
  8. Michigan - 461
  9. Illinois - 433
  10. North Carolina - 432

As to why Michigan is in the top 10 is unknown, but bottom line, don't let yourself become a victim. These are the signs to watch out for.

*UPDATE* 20 minutes later and I fell into a Catfish worm-hole. Some people are looney tunes.


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