Full disclosure: I usually hate looking at Oprah's list of favorite things, because they cost too much for my budget. But this pie looks delicious, even if it is pricey.

The Detroit based Lush Yummies Pie Company got a boost from America's tastemaker this week when Oprah put the company's made-to-order Peach Butta Cobbler Pie on her annual Holiday list of 'Favorite Things'.

The pie usually runs at a pretty wacked out price of $45, but thanks to the Big O, you get 20% off (which still leaves it out of my price range).

If you love peach cobbler, you are in for a true treat! My family lived by Peach Cobbler and we have taken our family recipe and turned it into the form of a warm delicious pie!

Sorry, dude, but I can get ten Patti Labelle pies for that price. Even if the photo makes my mouth water.

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