This is a crazy story out of Owosso Michigan,  a guy bought an ottoman from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and when he got the chair home, he found out it had over $43,000 in it.

WNEM says Howard Kirby got the chair home back in December and this past weekend was sitting in it. He noticed it wasn't comfortable for some reason, so his daughter opened up the chair and pulled out just over $43,000; $43,170 to be exact.

Even though Howard told WNEM he needed a new roof pretty badly, he said he didn't feel right keeping the money, so he called the Restore and the manager helped find the previous owner, who told them it was her grandfather's and he died last year.

The Restore manager set up a meeting/surprise reunion with the previous owner and Howard, where they gave her every penny that was in there.  That's pretty amazing, especially since he said that he needed a new roof because according to WNEM a lawyer told Howard that he had no legal obligation to give the money back.

Howard said he felt he had to morally, he told WNEM,

“I always thought what would I do if that ever happened and now I know, and it makes me feel good.”


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