St. Joseph County Judge Jeffery Middleton does not tolerate fools, as evidenced by yet another viral video of him dressing down a defendant.

Middleton has notched his third viral video since Zoom court hearing began last year at the height of the pandemic.

The judge, based out of Sturgis, is known for his no-nonsense demeanor when calling out dumb people who fail to respect his court room.

His circuit court hearing have twice before gone viral on YouTube, one being a scary moment when a man who was court ordered to stay away from his girlfriend showed up at his Zoom hearing from a room in her house. 

This time it was a man named Nathaniel Sexton who showed up for a court appearance using the Zoom user name of Butt****er3000.

The judge called him an idiot and sent him into court limbo after dressing him down. That video has drawn lots of attention online, as well as some laughs at the expense of poor Nathaniel, who may have been the victim of some wise ass friends.

Meanwhile Judge Middleton is getting some love from viewers who want him to get his own show.

“He’s one more incident away from getting his own syndicated Judge Judy style show,” one user wrote of the judge. “I’d watch it tbh.”

CAUTION: His profane name is NOT beeped in the following video.

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