Billboards are constantly changed, updated and swapped out in order to get your attention in a new and exciting way. However, one billboard in Detroit went viral recently because it seemed to stand to beat the odds and last forever.

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The AMC Star Great Lakes 25 in Detroit went viral in late 2023 when people noticed this ad for the animated movie Megamind. Everyone became obsessed with the fact that some how and some way it was still hanging out, promoting the movie like a time capsule to a simpler pre-pandemic era.  

Screencrush recently did the legwork to try to find the history of the ad, but it's a little sketchy at best. What people believe happened is that it had been covered years ago, and during the pandemic when something else had to be taken down, it was exposed. And for some reason, nothing has been put in it's place.

So while it hasn't been just there hanging out the entire time, it's still crazy to see a 14 year old billboard as you're leaving your movie showing. But, the era of this cult favorite area attraction is coming to an end.

The theatre announced that the billboard would be coming down on Monday February 5th to many locals dismay. They didn't let the beloved ad go away quietly, and instead gave fans a chance to say goodbye by showing the movie several times over the last weekend.

@trevorrobertsanimation paid my last respects to the megamind billboard last night #megamind #greatlakescrossing #amc #retro #dreamworks #nostalgia #startheatre #michigan #puremichigan ♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Adrián Adriano

What is the billboard at Great Lakes AMC displaying now?

According to a video posted by TikTok user @mrsgreen101814, The billboard is now updated and advertising a new family friendly animated film, Kung Fu Panda which is expected to be in theaters on March 8th.

@MrsGreen101814 on TikTok
@MrsGreen101814 on TikTok

A lot of people were hoping it would be another ad for the upcoming Mastermind TV show that will be streaming on Peacock, but at least it's still something animated and fun, that started in the same era.

Here's to a fun meme we all enjoyed, but as all billboards always change, we should have known this day would arrive. Here's hoping this one lasts another decade.

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