In a play that made every male watching wince, Mike Sainristil put his helmet where it hurt a Nebraska player's future offspring. The video, of course, got massive attention.

Trauma To The Groin Always Gets National Attention

Just like the long-running ABC TV show 'America's Favorite Home Videos', a shot to the nether regions always seems to win attention, and Saturday was no exception.

In Saturday's Big Ten tussle between Nebraska and the Michigan Wolverines at the Big House in Ann Arbor, the play that caused men everywhere to grunt in sympathetic pain occurred when Nebraska wide receiver Alante Brown attempted to hurdle Wolverines defensive back Mike Sainristil.

Sainristil reacted by moving his helmet up, and accidentally right into Brown's nether regions, causing color commentator Robert Griffin III to give this unforgettable call:

The Trauma Apparently Did Not Effect Brown, Who Popped Right Back Up

I'm sure whether RGIII meant to say "he hit him right in the goon", or if he was going to say "gonads" but backed off. Either way, it was a classic football moment, that was made even more spectacular by the fact that Brown popped up and stayed in the game. Not a whine from him. He's got nads made of steel, apparently. Which did not go unnoticed by the masses online.

The fabled Michigan comedian Heywood Banks recognized the value of taking a shot to the taint years before when he penned the song, 'Trauma To The Groin'. I don't know if there's a sponsorship deal for the protective cup Brown was wearing, but there should be because clearly it did its job!

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