Tomorrow is Veterans Day and Michigan State University has found a unique way to honor our a basketball game on an aircraft carrier.

Michigan State men's basketball will play No. 1 ranked North Carolina on the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego on Friday at 7:00pm.  President Barack Obama will be at the game which will be broadcast on ESPN.

We've almost started to get used to outdoor college hockey. Now we have college basketball on an aircraft carrier.  I can't wait to see what they will come up with next.  My vote is for space station football.  They'll just have to figure out those pesky gravity issues.

But why have a game aboard an aircraft carrier? explains:

With the war in Iraq officially over and the one in Afghanistan winding down, the military is almost certain to shrink. All branches of service are feeling pressure to tout the importance of their missions and their equipment.

Navy officials say they know a basketball game will not change the budget debate, but it can’t hurt efforts to get the American public excited about their branch of service as its chiefs lobby Congress to avoid cuts that could jeopardize its future military strategies.

The Spartans are no stranger to unique uniforms and this game will be no exception.  The Spartans will be wearing camouflage uniforms for the game.

Check out some videos and get a tour of the USS Carl Vinson with the Spartans here.

Basketball fan or not, Friday's game is going to be fun to watch.