Football season is here.  Is it ever too early to start talking about the Michigan/Michigan State game?  Apparently not.

Normally the question, "Who are you wearing?" is reserved for red carpets at Hollywood award shows.  But when Michigan comes to East Lansing on October 15, everyone will know who the Spartans are wearing.  Nike Pro Combat with a hint of bronze.  Yes, bronze.

This morning the uniforms received quite the introduction at

Like the ferocious Spartan warriors of ancient Greece, the Michigan State University football team views every game as a battle, requiring the right equipment and attitude for victory.  Bronze is visible throughout the uniform, adding an authentic strength and durability synonymous with the Spartan name.

Echoing the cry of King Leonidas, the back of the collar is inscribed with the words "Molon Labe," the Spartans' defiant challenge to the competition to "come and get them!" Gloves complete the traditional Spartan headdress look. Armed with intensity and determination, MSU will fight on the battlefield until the last team is standing.

This IS still a football game right?

I am not a Spartan fan, but I do like the uniforms.  What do you think?

Here's a couple more pics.