37 to 33. Final. MSU wins. To the disappointment of many Wolverine fans and to the elation of Spartan nation, Michigan State got a surprise comeback win over Michigan with a game filled with action. Let's get to the good part...here's what that victory looked like for the players on the field.

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MSU Athletics-TikTok

Jmo said,

"Go Green"

Bowie commented,

"They win with the refs"

OwenVanDrie posted,


MSU Athletics-TikTok

The Spartans, down 30-14 in the third quarter, didn't take their first lead of the game until only five minutes remained. That's when star running back Kenneth Walker III broke free for a 23-yard touchdown run to seal the victory.

MSU Athletics-TikTok

Another video was titled "Celebrating big wins with the best fans in the country."

hannah said,

"Best feeling ever. Go Green."

There were some naysayers. Charlie Thalner commented,

"stop celebrating. Your rb did everything for you."

MSU Athletics-TikTok

Even some Ohio State fans took to TikTok to comment.
OhioAgainstTheWorld said,

"All this excitement and they forget where they are going in 3 weeks!"

One Notre Dame fan said,

"As an Irish fan we need to have this rivalry."

Mel Tucker has become the first coach in Michigan State history to win his first two games against in-state rival Michigan. Here's what the win looked like for him.

Some are calling the game an instant classic. Here's a look at "man of the day."

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