What do you value more in a relationship - intelligence or thoughtfulness? Please read the following story before making that decision.

This story took place in the Detroit suburb of Troy, where a 30-year-old Madison Heights woman was in a car with her boyfriend, that was pulled over by the police. It was not clear why they pulled him over, but they did.

The man was wanted for an outstanding warrant, and his girlfriend knew that, so she decided to help him out. She pulled out her phone, and while the police were running the license plate on the car, she called 911 and reported that someone was randomly firing shots at the nearby Marriot hotel.

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Of course, this incident took priority over a traffic stop, so the police left the car to see what was going on over at the Marriot.

The plan backfired, of course, when the police traced the call to the girlfriend's phone.

She was arrested and charged with making a false report. It's unclear what happened with her boyfriend, or if he was arrested for anything.

Another similar incident occurred in Maine last week when a woman who wanted to spend the day with her boyfriend decided to call in a bomb threat to where he works to get him the time off. That also resulted in the girlfriend going to jail.

So back to our original question. In a sick and twisted way, both of those acts were thoughtful, but not terribly intelligent. So what do you prefer: intelligence or thoughtfulness?

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