A Michigan woman's dad lost his job amid the Covid-19 pandemic, but luckily, her tweet about his situation caught the eye of a manager who needed employees.

Rebecca Mix is a young adult author from the Detroit area who was saddened by her dad being put out of work recently due to the pandemic.

Like a lot of people, Rebecca's dad had to reboot his career, and began thinking about what it was he could shift to so late in his career.

When she asked him what he'd like to do if he could anything, he told her that Costco seemed like a nice place to work, and he thought he could handle a job there.

So, she tweeted about it.

So she made it her mission to help him get hired there. Rebecca tweeted that her dad is a “very nice man who will work obnoxiously & is painfully helpful.” The supportive daughter also posted that he’s a “constantly cheerful man, extremely good at making nachos, who merely dreams of working for Costco.” And two weeks later? She updated her 20-thousand followers with news that a Costco manager from Michigan had reached out about hiring her dad.

Jeff aced his interview and landed the job and Rebecca let Twitter know by posting a photo of his employee badge. It turns out, that manager found out about the tweets and that helped Jeff get hired. Rebecca changed her name on Twitter to read, “Rebecca Mix, proud daughter of a Costco employee” and messages congratulating him poured in.

And BAM! just like that Dad was stocking extra large containers of cheese balls for Costco shoppers to put in their carts! Dreams do come true! At least for Jeff, Rebecca's old man.

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