If you're not familiar with the term "thirsty" it has nothing to do with wanting a glass of water. Urban Dictionary defines thirsty in three ways:

1. when you are ho**y for some ass

2. desperate

3. The need to gain fame and admiration through social media...

In this case, the first definition is what Four Loko (yes, the alcoholic energy drink) used to find the "Thirstiest States." They used different Google searches to come up with their results including:

  • "dating apps"
  • "best bars for singles"
  • "best place for hookups"
  • "sugar baby" and every other variation of "sugar" -- yes, really lol
  • "how to get more matches on Tinder" etc

Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S., came out on top (no pun intended) as the thirstiest state. Maine was #2 and Michigan was #3 on the list. THREE! All these lakes and Michiganders are still parched. I can only assume its because the majority of the year is spent trying to stay warm and what better way than with a cuddle buddy?

Four Loko even broke down the top 25 thirsty cities and Detroit was also near the top of the list at #6, right behind Nashville but not as thirsty as Chicagoans.

Check out the map below to see where all the states ranked.

Four Loko
Four Loko

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