Cold pizza at that!

Okay, I'm totally bias when it comes to cold pizza. I know it's not everyone's favorite way to eat the pie, but as far as it being the most hated... come on. I can think of plenty of other foods that would be way worse.

The dating app, Hater, which matches people based on their dislikes, found the most-hated food in each state. Some are surprising, others not so much. But a lot of these are pretty random.

For example, Alaska hates Voss Water. Why so specific? Do they prefer boxed water instead? And Missouri cannot stand the last bite of a hotdog. LOL, what? Does it just get thrown away or reluctantly eaten? And don't even get me started on Maryland who hates the corner piece of a brownie. WHAT!? That's the best part. So many questions.

So tell me my fellow Michiganders... why so much hate for cold pizza? Not only is it tasty but it's what hits the spot for breakfast after a night of drinking. When it comes to pizza, though, we're not the only state who has something to say. New York hates ranch on their pizza and Delaware hates Hawaiian pizza (rightfully so).


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