Alright Michiganders, we have very unique and basic tastes when it comes to candy.  At least that's what The Daily Meal had to say in their article about the Most Popular Candy by State.

The Daily Meal teamed up with and determined each state's favorite candy.  In total, there were 12 different candies that states preferred and Michigan had a very unique response.  Michigan was the only state that chose a Hershey's Bar as their favorite candy.

M&Ms were the most popular candy with 13 states preferring it above all others, followed by Skittles and Reese's.  Only 3 states had a unique choice of candy with Michigan being the only state to choose Hershey's, New Hampshire was the only state to choose Milky Way, and Kentucky was the only state that chose Sweedish Fish as their favorite.

The Most Popular Candies

  1. M&Ms - 13 states favorite
  2. Skittles - 10 states favorite
  3. Reese's - 7 states favorite
  4. Snickers - 4 states favorite
  5. Sour Patch Kids - 4 states favorite
  6. Jolly Rancher - 3 states favorite
  7. KitKat - 2 states favorite
  8. Starburst - 2 states favorite
  9. Twix - 2 states favorite
  10. Hershey's - 1 states favorite (Most popular in Michigan)
  11. Milky Way - 1 states favorite
  12. Sweedish Fish - 1 states favorite

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