We all go through seasons of change in our life, and hopefully after your rainy season you'll find yourself somewhere better. And that's exactly what happened for one of the employees at Peppino's in Downtown Grand Rapids.

Miguel Morales works at the location and admits that at one point in his life, he was homeless. And while fortunately many of us may never understand what that's like, Miguel wants to remind people about how others in our community are living.

So that's when Miguel realized he could use his culinary passion to help others who are currently going through what he once experienced. Starting this weekend, Peppino's will offer a special sandwich with proceeds helping a local charity.

For those unfamiliar, Degage Ministries mission is to reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by building relationships and offering programs that foster dignity and respect, by offering services to help those most in need in our community.

Miguel is rightfully and excited about how he's going to be able to help others, and Peppino's has offered a challenge on top of this fundraiser - if they sell 200 sandwiches this weekend, they will also provide Degage Ministries with a pizza party.

So this weekend, be like Miguel and have one of his subs to make a tasty change. You can order ahead here.

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