Michigan winters are cold, and for our most vulnerable residents that can be very dangerous.

The next time you spin the big wheel on the floor at Gun Lake Casino, you could be helping your neighbors win here in West Michigan.

According to their website, the mission of Exodus Place is to "exist to provide development and rapid re-housing for vulnerable men." They allow their residents to find assistance with jobs and getting on their feet, a service that can be life changing for those who participate. And during the coldest months, these services can be life saving for those that participate, since living outside is nearly impossible.

Also during these colder months, the residents of Exodus place were starting to feel the strain of the cooler weather when their heating and piping were starting to struggle to keep all of the residents warm.

When the temperature hit the single digits, the residents started to talk about how uncomfortable the winter weather was making them.

It would cost $13,500 to get the facility up to where they needed to be to warm all 135 residents, which is a big expense for any building, especially one run by a charity organization.

Gun Lake Casino
Gun Lake Casino

When Gun Lake heard about their need, they stepped in to provide help with hesitation, to which the residents of Exodus place will change their winter from chilly to comfortable.

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