Miley Cyrus sat down for an episode of ‘The Conversation,’ and the wise-beyond-her-years starlet revealed the best advice she would give to her 14-year-old self — the same 14-year-old who was topping the charts and on top of the world as ‘Hannah Montana.’ Her words are tried and true.


“My dad always said it to me,” Cyrus began, “and I never really listened. I would always sweat the small stuff. I think it’s ‘This too shall pass,’” she said. “Something that I so needed to remember that young — even now, if anything happens, it’s the end of the world,” she added. “I think that’s something I need to remember.”

The ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer also revealed that she had a major breakup when she was 14 years old that shook her to her core and made her pretty insecure for a while. “I had my biggest heartbreak when I was 14 years old,” she said. “It sounds crazy, because I was 14,” she admitted, “but that’s what love was to me. I was in love with somebody. I was in love with this person that I thought was perfect and so amazing, and when you get your heart broken, that’s all you see,” she said. “‘The rest of my life is ruined because he doesn’t love me back! If he doesn’t think I’m pretty, then I’m not pretty. If he doesn’t think I’m worth his time, I’m not worth anyone’s time.’” Jeez, Nick Jonas, what’d you do to our girl?!

“So I think just ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘It’s not the end of the world,’” she summarized. “It’s not the end of the world until there’s no more pulse. You’ve got to keep going,” she said. “That’s something I always tell myself. It’s kind of generic, but it’s true. It’s a big something to remember.”

Watch Miley Cyrus Talk About Advice on ‘The Conversation’

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