Miley Cyrus has always been pretty outspoken about her beliefs. But aside from being a stanch supporter of gay marriage, Cyrus has never really been explicit about her political views. Now, she's revealing why she votes -- and it's a pretty hilarious rationale.

Sporting denim shorts, a black tee, boots and her infamous new 'do swept up in a mohawk style, Cyrus mugs for a camera and explains, "I vote because it makes my hands stronger for tweeting ... duh!"

Cyrus' statement is part part of a Funny or Die Rock the Vote PSA, in which Cyrus joins other stars like Kathy Griffin and the cast of 'Modern Family' in encouraging the youth vote for the 2012 election. Cyrus never actually reveals who she's voting for, which is a smart move: Her country fanbase that she inherited from her pops will likely swing right, while her own tween following will probably skew liberal. She's wise beyond her years to not polarize her supporters.

Cyrus took a break from recording her new album and planning her wedding to Liam Hemsworth just to encourage her fans to hit the polls, which is awesome. We think it's safe to assume what Cyrus' views on drug laws are, but that's another story!