What's better than an ice cold beer on Leap Day?  A 24-pack of free ice cold beer on Leap Day!

According to Newsweek and Thrillist, Miller Lite is giving away a free case of beer to anyone who is 21 and up for Leap Day.  The deal, as described by Newsweek, is as follows:

"Miller Lite is celebrating the extra 24 hours we get on Leap Day by giving away 24-packs of Miller Lite for free. On February 29, head to Miller Lite's Instagram and Twitter to get a QR code, scan it and submit your receipt from your 24-pack to get a refund via PayPal."

We've looked for an official statement from Miller Lite about the promotion, but haven't found anything posted as of yet.  But keep an eye on Miller Lite's Twitter and Instagram accounts for more information.

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