Fort Wayne Indiana mom, Dynesha Lax, chose an unusual punishment for her 14-year-old law-breaking son this past Tuesday. Fed up with his bad behavior she made him stand on the side of the road wearing a sign reading: "I lie I steal I sell drug (sic) I don't follow the law".

Fort Wayne's News Channel 15 reports that According to Lax, her son has already been convicted of multiple felonies, but the punishments given to him by the courts haven't been enough to make him change his ways.

“ He broke the law again today and they only gave him a few hours of community service, so I decided that we were gonna wear a sign-- you looking for attention, we gonna get you attention... What else more can I do? They put him on probation... They quick to talk about the $300 and some you gotta pay in fees, but nobody is trying to help me fix my son."

Police were called to the scene after drivers passing by called to complain. However, officers said Lax was within her rights to punish her son in this way. While it may be unconventional, it isn't illegal.

Defending her actions, Lax said, "I hope that having him out him here will make it sink in. It wasn't for it to be a joke... They got their way of parenting, I got mine. My object is to save my son."

We saw a similiar story last year in which a mom forced her son to wear a sign detailing his bad grades.

What do you think of this method of punishment? Does it go too far?