We live in an emoji-filled world. Everyone uses emojis to communicate with each other now. But who thought it would make it's way into school?

A teacher in China has put a new twist on a form of punishment that many of us are probably familiar with... "write out 100 times you will not be late/disturb the class." Except this teacher has made his tardy students write out 1,000 EMOJIS!

The Daily Star says students, who were late to class, were forced to write out the full emoji alphabet by hand. Pictures have gone viral and it looks as if they had to draw the emoji out and write the name of it too. Maybe the teacher should've thought about the middle finger emoji first.

You can see the pictures here.

This is definitely a 2016 way of punishing students.

Did you ever get punished in a creative way? I once got in trouble in Spanish class for kicking the chair of the person who sat in front of me. I had to write, in SPANISH, "I will not kick or be disruptive in Spanish class" 100 times!

Do you agree or disagree with the emoji punishment?