Fighting identity theft doesn't get any easier than this. In Oregon this past weekend, a 28-year-old man named David Henneman, was asking his bank teller to freeze his account because someone has been cashing forged checks in his name to the tune of $700.

As they were talking, a 37-year-old idiot named Matthew Frombach from Medford, went to the next teller and cashed a check for $150. The bank was trying to figure out what was happening, when Matthew got spooked and attempted to run away. That didn't last long, as one of David's friends tackled him and restrained him until the police got there.

The Mail Tribune reports that the man was charged with a bunch of stuff. First-degree forgery, theft, criminal possession of a forged instrument, negotiating a bad check, disorderly conduct, fourth-degree assault, harassment, AND resisting arrest... are just a few.