We had the pleasure to have an amazing little girl with us on the show this morning to talk about her new start up business to help her family with medical expenses.

Morgan is 9 years old and suffers from an extremely rare disease called linear morphea, or localized scleroderma, which is an inflammatory disease that causes increased scarring and thickening of the skin. She had the doctors baffled for a while because this is such a rare disease that only affects between one and three in 100,000 children.

So because med bills are soo expensive Morgan came up with a way to help with expenses. She created her own business "Morgan's Creations" and she paints designs on different rocks each night.

Her start up business is booming and has now gotten to the point where people are requesting different designs. Morgan fills every rock order that comes in, and delivers every rock personally to the people who order them. The cost of each rock is “whatever people want to pay”

Check out her Facebook page below: