The Hallmark Channel is coming to Holly, Michigan. If you are a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies, you are going to love 'Christmas at the Holly Hotel'.

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According to The Holly Hotel Facebook page, the premise of the movie is as follows,

Big city girl comes home to Holly, Michigan to help her parents run The Holly Hotel. On her way into town, she is pulled over by a local police officer, with perfect hair. You know how it goes from here!

I am guessing she went to school with the handsome police officer who is now a widower. She (and maybe her daughter named Candle) will stick around Holly and for some reason or another, continue to run into the handsome cop. Maybe he writes her a ticket when he pulls her over? Yes, that has to be it! So at first, she does not like him but eventually will fall in love on Christmas Eve. The end.

I guess we will have to wait and see the movie. There is no official release date yet, but I am guessing December of 2022 since filming does not even begin at The Holly Hotel until January 2022.

The historic hotel will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, January 5th and 6th for filming. There are some opportunities for extras according to The Holly Hotel website,

One scene in the new film involves a Christmas Eve Celebration Dinner Party for the Village of Holly citizens. Early planning calls for this scene to take place in the Main Dining Room on FRIDAY NIGHT January 7th and we will have limited tickets available for dining during this scene filming. (Available on our website soon).

Again, you will be asked to acknowledge that you are aware that "A Christmas Movie is being filmed tonight. By reserving your table, you agree to be a background extra in the film."

At the time of writing this, there are a few other parts available, that involve pay to play. As in if you want to sing in the film, you pay $2500. You can see that specific role and other available roles here.

The film is being produced and directed by Joel Reisig, an accomplished Michigan Indie filmmaker. I love it, what a cool thing to happen in Holly, Michigan. If you end up being an extra in the movie or landing a singing or speaking part, let me know and I will do a story on you too.

Congratulations to the staff at The Holly Hotel, this is awesome.

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