I feel like when the police finally find you for these crimes and take you to jail, you're not quite the bad A-- you thought you were, you're kind of like the Wet Bandits from 'Home Alone'.

Fox 17 reports that the Niles post of the Michigan State Police is looking for two people, a man and woman, who have been breaking into vending machines at rest areas in Berrien and Allegan counties, Yes, their big haul is the vending machine money. Which a quick Google search tells me that a machine usually earns around $75 a week. Not a big haul, I mean, unless you get every machine at the rest area.  And still, is it enough to go to jail over?

MSP also believes the couple broke into a storage unit as well because of the similarities in the break-ins. They're pretty confident in the rest area break-ins because they have plenty of surveillance photos, as you can see here on Fox 17.

Police are hoping you may recognize the two and help them stop the thefts.  Fox 17 has a list of the date/locations of break-ins police have been investigating, which are:

  • Aug. 15: Casco Rest Area (Allegan County Sheriff)

  • Aug. 18: New Buffalo Welcome Center (Berrien County Sheriff)

  • Aug. 22: Casco Rest Area (Allegan County Sheriff)

  • Aug. 25: Saugatuck Rest Area (Allegan County Sheriff)

  • Aug. 30: New Buffalo Welcome Center (Berrien County Sheriff)

  • Aug. 30: Watervliet Rest Area (MSP Niles Post)

  • Feb. 7: New Buffalo Welcome Center (Berrien County Sheriff)

  • Feb. 10: Niles Township AAA Aloha Self-Storage (Berrien County Sheriff)

If you do have any info on these two thieves, Fox 17 says to reach out to the MSP Niles Post at  269-683-4411 or in Allegan County reach out to Silent Observer 1-855-SILENT-0 and in Berrien County call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-342-STOP.



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