We may all want to beat each other on the football field, basketball court, or baseball field, but when it comes down to it, the schools in the Big Ten know that they have to stick together.

Because of that, or just because it sounded like fun, some of the mascots from the fourteen schools that make up the Big Ten (that's confusing, I know) decided to do a parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", and it turns out that our mascots have some pretty great moves!

Joining Sparty for the video are: Ohio State University's mascot Brutus, Herbie Husker and Lil' Red from Nebraska, Bucky Badger from the University of Wisconsin (who arguably had some of the best moves), Goldy Gopher from the University of Minnesota, Purdue Pete, the Rutgers Scarlet Knight (who doesn't seem to have a name), and Herky The Hawk from Iowa.

No word as to why Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Penn State, Maryland, and Northwestern didn't participate, but maybe their dance moves just weren't on par with the sweet ribbon dancing of Bucky or the expert "shake shake shake"-ing of Sparty.