Jeffrey Lucas is back behind bars after being arrested in Florida.

The man who was referred to as the "Sweetheart Swindler" met as many as eight women online, started a dating relationship in person, and then scammed each of the women out of money based upon a variety of lies. He was arrested, bonded out, and then did not appear for his next scheduled court hearing. 
Lucas' most recent girlfriend, or victim, who allegedly gave him thousands of dollars has been dating him since October. The Muskegon County Prosecutors office has confirmed they were in touch with her and arranged a sting this past week.

This most recent girlfriend got suspicious when Lucas went on vacation and didn't return for weeks. She Googled his name and the results of her online search prompted her to take action, and help authorities.

A Facebook post from Clare City Police Department posted Sunday confirmed Lucas' arrest.

Lucas is in the process of being transported back to Michigan where he will face charges with the Muskegon Prosecutor’s office.