Former Lions Player Arrested Naked for the Third Time
Being arrested once for attempting to break into a house naked, maybe there could be some sort of misunderstanding? But three times? Well, something is definitely not right.
The Detroit News reports that former Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II has been arrested naked for the third time.
Drunk Guy Gets in a Cop Car Thinking it's a Cab
Well, this guy made the cops' job fairly easy.
A man in Toronto had a night out of drinking this past Saturday night and he was feeling pretty drunk. Knowing he couldn't drive himself home he decided to take a taxi. However, it was a different type of city car he stumbled into...
Muskegon's 'Sweetheart Swindler' Arrested in Florida
Jeffrey Lucas is back behind bars after being arrested in Florida.
The man who was referred to as the "Sweetheart Swindler" met as many as eight women online, started a dating relationship in person, and then scammed each of the women out of money based upon a variety of lies. …

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