Alex Trebek has no chill.

On Wednesday night's episode of Jeopardy the host bluntly let contestant, Susan Cole, know what he thought when it came to her favorite genre of music, "nerdcore hip hop."

Like Trebek, I'm sure you have no idea what this is. Neither do I... and I listen to hip-hop music. So she explained that its people who identify as "nerdy" and rap about the things they like and identify with, such as science fiction and not being able to find romance.

Trebek then said exactly what was on his mind.

I'm dead. Every time I watch this I laugh.

He laid it to her straight... Losers. Again, no chill.

Even Susan couldn't help but chuckle a bit. She probably didn't expect him to diss her and her fellow nerds like that. Alex Trebek is a savage for this one and that's what makes this video so funny and my "LOL Video of the Day".

Susan Cole may listen to weird music but she had the last laugh because she ended up being last night's champion and taking home over $22K.