Oh, techie people... They'll develop an app for almost anything.

Yup, the Facebook app is called "Let's Drink Tonight", says it can find drinking buddies for you!

The app seems pretty simple. You just have to head to the Let's Drink Tonight website, sign in with your Facebook account, and answer a few questions like who the coolest person you've ever drank with is, and your favorite thing to do while drinking. You'll also need to provide your phone number which they say is only shared with matches when you request to drink with them. And, the location where you'd like to partake in some adult beverages.

It's that simple.

They say that after you fill out the information needed, the app will give you suggestions of people in your area.

Although, when I decided to test it out, it gave me an error page. And, when I went in to change my settings, I got this:


I mean, it's good that you don't want to go out and drink alone, but perhaps making some friends would be better than randomly getting matched with someone via a Facebook app. I mean, you're not going to go out and start a farm with someone you met on Farmville are you?


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