Since Halloween is officially over, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with your carved pumpkins.

Lisha B
Lisha B

They are probably gross and saggy by now.

No worries! I am here for your rescue.

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While you can compost the pumpkins yourself, you can also drop it off at other places as well.

Pumpkin Drop-Off at West Side Christian School

From today until next Thursday, November 10th, you can drop your (not so spooky) pumpkins at West Side Christian School.

West Side Christian School via Facebook
West Side Christian School via Facebook

According to the Facebook page,

"West Side Christian School and our students are working hard to make sure your pumpkins have a safe place to decompose and give back to the earth."

A drop-off area is located at the southwest corner of the school's parking lot. You can see it near the wooden playscapes.

Shamrock Meats

Animals need pumpkin-loving too.

Located in Zeeland, Shamrock Meats is also collecting pumpkins for their cows.

"We will have drop-off tubs starting tomorrow! Drop off anytime. We also accept corn stalks and straw. Please make sure there are no candles left in them and no paint please. Thank you! Our cattle have appreciated you all the last few years!"

So, take your pumpkins to Shamrock Meats for our cow friends.

MSU's Pumpkin Plop

Every year, the Surplus Store and Recycling Center has its annual Pumpkin Plop. Last year, the Pumpkin Plop collected 9,700 pounds of pumpkins, according to

Make sure the pumpkins are not painted and there are no candles still inside of them when you donate them.

You can drop your carved pumpkins at the drop-off center located at 468 Green Way in East Lansing.

If those drop-off locations do not suit your fancy, you can also reach out to any wildlife rescue services. They will typically take your pumpkins as long as they are still safe for the animals.

  • Lowell Wildlife on Vergennes
  • Wildlife Rehab in Grand Rapids
  • Soulshine Wildlife in Cedar Springs

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