A new bill proposed by two Michigan senators would eliminate the "tampon tax."

According to Mlive.com, tampons and other feminine hygiene products, should be considered "medically necessary items" such as prescription pills which don't have a sales tax on them.

Senator Rebekah Warren, of Ann Arbor, stated:

"Women should not be forced to pay a 6 percent penalty when they buy medically necessary items. We don't tax prescriptions drugs, canes or eyeglasses — feminine hygiene products should be no different."

In addition, a newly introduced House bill, would allow the distribution of tampons,  for free, in schools and state buildings.

Currently, five states have eliminated the "tampon tax" and in a report from TIME, Michigan is one of 10 states who tax feminine products but don't tax candy and pop.

Senator David Knezek, of Dearborn, addressed his reasoning for introducing the bill on his Facebook page.

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