Breakups can be one of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations one can go through, but don't fret there is now a company that will dump someone for you!

If you have been putting off breaking up with someone because it is soo uncomfortable don't worry because a new website called will dump someone for you for a price of course.

For $10 they'll send the person a breakup text and if you want something more formal for $30 they'll do it over the phone or with a letter. If you are in a rush and need it done asap $40 will put a 2-hour rush on it.

If you feel bad about being soo impersonal with your breakup you can also pay to add on a gift to help the person you're dumping and help you possibly not feel soo bad. They offer things like Netflix gift cards, "The Notebook" on Blu-Ray, and cookies.