It's always a good day when you hear about a new restaurant opening in town and a new one will be opening at my favorite spot in Grand Rapids... the Downtown Market!

In a press release from the market, they said that they are "delighted" to welcome Cafe de Miro, a Kurdish restaurant. This will actually be the second location for the restaurant, which is currently located at Breton Village Mall in East G.R.

The owners, a wife and her husband, moved to Grand Rapids four years ago from Istanbul, Turkey and brought their local dishes and flavors to the area. They opened their restaurant in 2019. The dishes are inspired from Eastern Turkey and have a lots of Mediterranean influence. Their menu includes breakfast items such as shaksuka, sandwiches like the gyro and beef burek, and sides like hummus.

Courtesy of Downtown Market
Courtesy of Downtown Market

If you've visited Cafe de Miro, you'll be excited to know that some of their most popular dishes will also be served at their new location with the addition of new items

...include falafel, as well as additional desserts, sides and gyros.

Owner Fatosh Alagoz explained why those the Downtown Market as their second location.

This is a great opportunity for people to enjoy our cuisine, or for those who are just looking to try something new.

She went on to say that people can expect to taste the Turkish culture in their food as ingredients are locally sourced and they also import spices from Turkey. Many of the foods are made from scratch such as their yogurt.

Cafe de Miro is expected to open this June. In the meantime follow them on Instagram and see all of the delicious (and colorful) dishes you have to look forward to.

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