Everyone knows that guys have various methods for impressing the ladies, but this one takes the cake... almost literally. A recent study from Cornell University has shown that men eat 93% more pizza when dining with a woman they're trying to impress.

In addition to consuming 93% more pizza when dining with a woman (versus dining with a man), it turns out that men also ate 86% more salad. This study was conducted by observing the eating behaviors of 133 adults at an all-out-can-eat Italian buffet over a two-week-long period. The researchers behind this study say that this behavior is a form of sexual selection. The study authors claim that when eating excessively around women, men are subconsciously trying to show "that they possess extraordinary skills, advantages, and/or surplus energy in degrees that are superior to other men."

I mean, when I went on one of my first dates with my now-fiance, he finished one of those "eat the whole thing and it's free" sandwiches, which I thought was pretty darn hot. So there's definitely some truth to their findings.

Conversely, women showed no change in their eating habits around men or women, although women who ate with men said that they felt "rushed" and thought they overate.

You can check out the full study for yourself here.