It's the day before Thanksgiving and it's the official start to the holiday season.  So, Steve has a Thanksgiving and a Christmas Daddy Tip for you today.

  1. Today’s first Daddy Tip is a quick one for anyone who wants to see their baby in the crib at night but a night light just doesn't cut it. Here’s an easy and cheap solution. Get a book light and clip it to the side of the crib. You can pick one up for under 10 bucks and you can use it to read books at night too. Why get a night light when all it does it just light up the night when you can get a book light and light up the night and a book. Bam, genius.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is all about Christmas and toddlers. If you bought a couple of early Christmas presents for your little one, don’t put them under the tree yet. Why? Because you’ll hear “can I open it today daddy?” or “can I open a present daddy?” or “I want to open a present!” non stop until Christmas. Just wait until Christmas Eve to put the gifts you got your kids under the tree just like Santa does. There’s a reason Santa doesn’t come early to drop off gifts.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip of the week is a Thanksgiving dinner tip for anyone with kids who are picky eaters or just don’t like traditional Thanksgiving foods. Charlotte really doesn’t like anything served for Thanksgiving except for the turkey. She doesn’t like mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, or green bean casserole. So, I’m going to make a box of mac and cheese for her so she can enjoy something too. Just having one side dish that Charlotte likes will not only make her enjoy the dinner more, but now she is more likely to sit still and eat rather than say everything is gross and spend all of dinner chasing the dog around the house.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May Flowers bring?
A: Pilgrims

Listen to the entire segment below:

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