West Michigan has been dealing with a heat wave this week with feel like temps in the upper 90's.

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With this warm weather a lot of people in West Michigan are heading to the beach to try and cool off.

One West Michigan beach could pose a danger to swimmers and should be avoided for the time being.

No Swim Advisory Issued For This West Michigan Beach

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The Allegan County Health Department has issued a no swimming advisory for Oval Beach, cautioning individuals looking for relief from high temperatures to avoid the popular lakeshore destination.

This advisory comes as part of the department's ongoing efforts to monitor water quality and ensure public safety at local beaches.

The health department's beach testing program, which is funded by state grants, prioritizes high-risk beaches in Allegan County throughout the summer season.

These tests are designed to monitor water quality and identify potential health hazards, such as elevated levels of bacteria or the presence of harmful algal blooms.

Routine testing showed high levels of E. coli at Oval Beach, causing the Allegan County Health Department to issue a no swimming advisory on Monday.

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The Allegan County Health Department has recently dealt with other water-related issues in the area.

For instance, a suspected blue-green algae bloom was reported in Duck Lake earlier this spring.

The timing of this advisory coincides with ongoing maintenance work at Oval Beach.

Dredging operations began recently, with plans to redistribute the excess sand along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

It is unclear whether these activities have any connection to the current swimming advisory.

As summer continues and the temperatures rise, the health department will continue to monitor and assess the water quality at Oval Beach and other popular swimming spots in Allegan County.

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