The entire U.S. has been hit by what can only be described as a brutal winter. With more storms rolling through many parts of the country this week, it's just added more misery to those of us experiencing it.

Many parents say their children have barely been in school since the school year started, and that seems to be true across the country. Minford, OH (a small rural community in Southern Ohio) has experienced quite a few school closings this year, so someone at the school decided to make the phone call that goes out to students and teachers announcing a closing a little more fun.

The man who wrote and recorded the songs is Ryan Stockham (the Technical Director at Minford Schools), and I'm pretty sure that he's a total genius.

A friend of mine, who has a son who attends school in Minford informed me that he "woke me up laughing about getting the best phone call ever."

Seriously, check these out. Maybe some West Michigan schools should start using these, just to put a smile on parents' and students' faces?



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