One of the biggest hits of 90's music easily has to be "Macarena" by Los del Rio. It was the "Gangham Style" of the 90's. It was being played everywhere! With a catchy beat and a fun dance, it was everyone's go-to song.
But have you ever thought about what the song actually means? First of all, "the Macarena" isn't actually the dance like most think. Macarena is the name of a girl... a very promiscuous girl at that.
Distractify teamed up with 90sFest and asked kids of the 90's what they thought the song meant. Most had no clue. And then they dropped the bomb on them... what the lyrics really meant when translated from Spanish to English.
The truth is sure to shock you as well. Watch the video below.

So there you go, "Macarena" is about a girl who cheats on her boyfriend with two different guys while he's out of town. Childhood ruined.

Gianni Ferrari/Getty Images
Gianni Ferrari/Getty Images

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