Last week, PopCrush exclusively announced Olivia Somerlyn's new single, 'Parachute' -- and now you can listen to it here!

The fun and summery track -- co-written by Nick Jonas -- features a bumping background beat full of handclaps that just make you want to dance. But while the background of the tune has a club-like vibe, Olivia's silky vocals infuse the song with a quality of sweetness and spunkiness.

Of course, the lyrics have their own element of sauciness, as Somerlyn sings on the track "You lift me up, then let me go / I've had enough, I'm gonna jump / Before you push me."

One of the coolest elements of the song is that there a "whooshing" sound in the chorus, which almost sounds like wind blowing, evoking the image of a skydiver.

"Freefallin'," Somerlyn sings on the chorus. "You're the parachute / I'd rather crash than reach for you."

We love it! Listen to Olivia Somerlyn's new single 'Parachute' below.