So it turns out not everyone has Olympic fever. I can imagine, that while some Londoners feel honored to host the Games, others are not looking forward to the hoards of tourists invading their, the inevitable traffic delays, and just the general disruption that's caused by hosting one of world's largest sporting events. For those that are feeling a bit grumpy and irritated about the situation, they can go ahead and wear their complaints on their sleeves. Or rather, their bags and T-shirts. A London designer, Toby Lee created a line of totes and T's that snarkily pokes fun at the Summer 2012 Games.

The items, part of a collection at uk, are themed around the London 2012 logo and colors and feature slogans like "They’re all on steroids", "I’m renting my flat to a fat American family", and "It only took me three hours to get to work this morning".

The bags cost £15 and have proved so popular some are temporarily sold out. The T-shirts too are going fast.

Asked why his designs are such a success, Toby told The Sun : “I think that’s because of a combination of things. Both people being a bit pissed off and because ... we like laughing at things.”

What do you think? Is the collection a good joke or kind of insulting?