There can only be ONE One Direction! Over the summer, a battle was enacted between the U.K. One Direction and the U.S. One Direction over rights to the name. We’re happy to report that the U.K. version has won and gets to keep their name.

Beloved boy band One Direction are able to carry on with their name after reaching an agreement with a little known U.S. band of the same name. The U.S. band filed suit against Harry Styles and the boys, along with their label, back in April, claiming copyright infringement since they had registered the name. The U.S. 1D claimed that they had been using the name since 2009, whereas the British-Irish band began to use it in 2010.

The U.S. edition wanted the famous 1D to stop using the name on promotional materials and also requested a cut of their profits, which was a bold move. The famous 1D countersued.

However, the parties have reached a settlement and both sides are said to be happy and are moving forward, according to Ace Showbiz. So it’s not Two Directions!

The U.S. group, which began receiving hate mail and death threats from dedicted Directioners, is changing its name to Uncharted Shores and has updated its social media properties accordingly.

Something tells us that the U.S. One Direction, er, Uncharted Shores, got a nice chunk of change to give up their hold on the name and to let 1D continue on as planned. Best of luck to Uncharted Shores in their future.

One Direction’s new album ‘Take Me Home‘ drops in November.

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