OneRepublic find a way to ‘Feel Again’ on their latest single, an up-tempo track from their upcoming third album. With its urgent hand-clapping and swelling vocal hooks, ‘Feel Again’ sounds so similar to ‘Dogs Days Are Over’ that the band might as well add a “Featuring Florence + the Machine” credit.

Ryan Tedder sings about transforming from “a lonely soul” to a man who is able to love again: “It’s been a long time coming since I’ve seen your face / I’ve been everywhere and back trying to replace / Everything that I had till my feet went numb / Praying like a fool that’s been on a run / Heart still beating but it’s not working / It’s like a million dollar phone that you just can’t ring / I reached out trying to love, but I feel nothing / Yeah, my heart is numb / But with you, I feel again.

Every time it seems like OneRepublic might be becoming old news, they come back with another catchy song. Tedder typically gets most of the attention, but ‘Feel Again’ reveals the entire group’s contributions, from the background harmonies to the big drums.

Though ‘Feel Again’ is far from original, the optimistic message and those “woo-ooh-ooh” chants are hard to resist. We predict another hit song for Tedder and company, just like the group’s previous singles ‘Good Life,’ ‘Stop and Stare,’ ‘Apologize’ and ‘All the Right Moves.’

‘Feel Again’ is expected to find a home on OneRepublic’s third album, which currently has no title or release date. The group filmed a music video for the song earlier this month and recently released studio footage from recording of the song.


Listen to OneRepublic, ‘Feel Again’

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