Saturday was the fourth Annual Snowmobile The Mighty Mac, an event where vintage snowmobiles line up and cross the 5-mile bridge between Mackinaw City to St. Ignace.

The Mackinac Bridge Twitter account posted about the event and said they were expecting 80-90 vintage snowmobiles to make the journey that's usually off-limits to snowmobilers.  Although MLive reports that the lineup was over 100.  Also, to be able to participate, the snowmobile had to be at least 25 years old and had to have wheel kits in order to cross the bridge.

The Mackinac Bridge Twitter also posted that apparently one of the riders was none other than Big Bird. Who knew he was such an avid snowmobiler, because not only does he own one(where's Sesame street anyway?), he also owns a working vintage sled.

Wondering how well the vintage sleds did crossing the bridge? Most did fine, but MLive reports that some never even made it on the bridge, although they still got to cross on the "trailer of shame".

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