It's not very often that baseball's Detroit Tigers make it to the World Series. It's even more rare when they win the World Series Championship. They were victorious in 1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984. Now you could own some memorabilia from that 1968 championship game.

One of the players on the team in 1968 was Al Kaline. He was nicknamed "Mr. Tiger". He retired in October 1974, soon after reaching the 3,000 hit milestone. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1980, his first time on the ballot.

Al passed away on April 6th, 2020. Now some of his memorabilia is up for auction through Heritage Auctions.

1968 World Series Trophy
Photo: Heritage Auctions,

One of the items being offered up from the Al Kaline Collection is a 1968 Detroit Tigers World Series Championship Trophy Presented to him.

The trophy is describe this way: "Pennants representing Major League Baseball's twenty teams ring the perimeter. A golden crown, silvery baseball, and press pin tops for the competing teams on pedestals command the center. Meanwhile, a brass band ringing the base proclaims, 'World Champions Detroit Tigers 1968.' Condition is first rate, with not a single defect to note. Measures fourteen and a quarter inches (14.25") in height, with an eight-inch diameter (8") base, and weighs six pounds (6 lbs.)."

This trophy is estimated to be worth $30,000. Bidding opens on Thursday, October 28th.

Detroit Tigers World Series Pin
Photo: Heritage Auctions,

If a $30,000 trophy is out of your price range, how about a World Series Press Pin? This is described as a "Gold pin with raised tiger head and 'Detroit Tigers World Series' in gold on blue enamel. Presents in Mint condition in its original Balfour box."

Even the pin is expected to go for a pretty hefty price tag. The value of the pin is estimated to be worth $1000.

There are a few more reasonably priced items, including a 1968 World Series program signed by Kaline with a blue sharpie.

You can check out all the items here.

Here is a great video from Bally Sports Detroit highlighting Al Kaline during that 1968 World Series win over St. Louis. It's great to see and hear Ernie Harwell interviewing Al near the end of the video. I miss Ernie Harwell.

And if you want to relive that World Series back in 1968, here is the full Game 7 of the Detroit Tigers playing the St. Louis Cardinals...


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