It was confirmed last week that after four years, Western Michigan University's head football coach, P.J. Fleck would take his talents to the University of Minnesota. Many are wondering, though, if that means he'll take the famous "Row the Boat" slogan along as well.

The answer is no. Not yet, at least.

The Detroit News says that WMU has owned the trademark and licensing rights ever since Fleck started in 2013. If Fleck and Minnesota want the motivational mantra for themselves they're going to have to pay for it.

Although no conversations have been made yet regarding the topic, it is expected.

"Row the Boat" is meant as a way to say don't give up and keep on moving forward.

WMU has put the popular slogan (with the oars) on almost everything, including clothing, flags and even their stadium.

The real question is... how much are they willing to pay for it?

Personally, I don't, because it's almost like a having a "song" with your ex-boyfriend and then having that same song with a new boyfriend. Just like the slogan suggests... move forward.