The streaming wars are getting so fierce it’s not enough anymore to have a big library of titles and a cheap monthly price. You’ve got to have some kind of hook to attract subscribers. Netflix got a ton of publicity when they announced they would release a new movie on streaming every single week of the year in 2021. HBO Max made a splash by premiering every single one of Warner Bros.’ 2021 releases the same day they debut in theaters. Disney+ has brought their Star Wars and Marvel franchises to streaming as ongoing series.

The latest streamer to ramp up their pitch to viewers is Paramount+. In an attempt to compete with those bigger sites, they’ve announced they’re adding a lot of movies in the coming months. According to The Hollywood Reporter, their plan includes releasing an original movie every week in 2022. Before that, they’ve got Infinite, a Mark Wahlberg sci-fi picture that was originally planned for theaters. The film was first scheduled for an August of 2020 release, then got pushed back to September of this year. Instead it will go straight to Paramount+ next month.

The site will also have Paramount’s 2021 summer movies — like A Quiet Place Part IIPaw Patrol, and a new Paranormal Activity — 45 days after they premiere in theaters. And they’re also touting that they will add “1,000 additional movies” to their library in June, bringing the total available on the site to “over 2,500.”

Will that be enough to rate with the likes of Netflix and Disney+? We’ll see. Paramount+ does have a pretty robust selection of children’s movies and shows, thanks to its ownership of the Nickelodeon network and library. (They also do a good job of tapping into older viewers’ nostalgia with new shows of ’90s favorites Rugrats and The Real World.) And the site also has all of the ongoing Star Trek shows like Discovery and Picard. That’s not a bad list of stuff. But the competition for streaming is getting mighty tough.

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